Machine learning

Machine Learning- The Future of Technology

Machine Learning is an essential innovation of Artificial Intelligence. It helps in interpreting and building algorithms that will allow computer systems to learn how to perform a given task from the given input. Putting it in simple words, machine learning will empower computer systems to perform the tasks which are carried out by programmers. This will reduce the workload of the programmer helping in focus better on other important tasks. The chances of errors can be kept at minimal level as this machine learning will analyse the previous data completely and then scan many examples before executing the task. This machine learning will impart intelligence to machines in understanding complex patterns and predict the possible outcomes for a given situation very accurately.

Of the various companies offering various Machine Learning services, FuGenX Technologies is one of the top rated companies offering the best of the best services. We are widespread globally and extend our services in cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman Dubai, Virginia, Chantilly, Texas, Dallas, USA, Washington DC, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, , Bangalore, India. The various solutions are as follows

Image Processing

  • Image Tagging: ML helps in identifying faces or any specific objects in a photo in which they are manually tagged.
  • Optical character recognition: Using this algorithm, certain images can be identified as written character and a scanned text document can be converted into a digital file.
  • Self-driving cars

Text Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis: classification of the writer’s opinion expressed is done into positive, negative or neutral, which can be used for future product development and marketing strategies.
  • Information extraction: extraction of particular piece of information can be achieved like finding names, addresses, etc.
  •  Spam filtering

Data Mining

  • Predictions: Various predictions can be made like building predictive models of market volatility, trading, worthiness of loan defaulters, portfolio management and risk management.
  • Anomaly detection: By analysing the transactions and the usual purchasing patterns, fraud detection can be analysed.
  •  Association Rules

Various Industries We Serve

Banking and Finance
Oil and Gas Industry
Marketing and Sales

Arenas where ML Solutions can be Used are as follows

ML for Sales
ML solutions will help the managers getting automatic alerts from the algorithm regarding specific customers. ML solutions can also be used for the following

  • helps in improving sale forecasting
  • interpret customer data
  • predicting customer needs
  • efficient transactional sales
  • sales communication

ML for Marketing
ML helps in organizing personalized marketing campaigns for meeting the needs of their potential customers.
ML for Human Resources
Using correlations and sentiments in the customer data, identifying the unsatisfied customers can be done which further helps in making proactive steps for cementing the relationships.
ML for Finance
In finance arena, ML can be used for detecting frauds, algorithmic trading, sentiment analysis, loan underwriting, portfolio management, and customer service. Also, various hidden opportunities can be found for extracting better profits from existing systems.
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