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artificial intelligence

Technology in the present day has empowered humans to get things done and achieve significantly more than one could think about a couple of years back. Personal lives have turned out to be more advanced due to quickly develop innovative technologies.  Significant coordinated efforts between a human and machine/technology have from various perspectives gave an abundance of chances to us making our lives comfortable. One such technology very popular in the industry today is Artificial intelligence.

According to Gartner, Inc., Artificial intelligence features will turn into a basic product differentiator for smartphone vendors that will assist them to acquire new customers while holding current users. As the smartphone market from selling technology products to delivering compelling and customized experiences, AI solutions running on the smartphone will become a basic part of vendor guide throughout the next two years.

Future AI capabilities will allow smartphones to learn, design and solve problems for users. This is not just about making the smartphones smarter, but augmenting people by reducing their intellectual load. However, AI capabilities on the smartphone are still in their initial phase.

 Augmented Reality and AI vision

This feature will enable the smartphone to collect information from users and even analyze and identify any errors. This can be utilized for medical condition analysis and recommendation for the user. With the release of Ios 11, Apple added an ARkit feature to provide tools for the iOS app developers to add AR in the apps easily. Similarly, Google announced its ARCore AR developer tool for Android and plans to enable AR on 100 million Android devices by the end of 2019.

 Emotion Recognition


Emotion detection system and affective computing system are changing how the user interacts with the smartphone and it will enable various options and activities. Mass use of various personal assistance and numerous conversation-based AI assistance is driving the need to add emotional intelligence for better context and an enhanced service experience. This way the smartphone will be able to analyze the user’s real situation and act accordingly in the different situation. Such as emotional intelligence can break down the mindset of the user and recommend tunes to hear on the drive.

Content Censorship/Detection

Restricted content stored in the smartphone can be detected automatically by AI. Objectionable images, videos or content can be hailed and different notification alarms can be enabled. The computer recognition software can recognize any content that violates any laws or policies. For example, storing highly classified data or taking photographs in high security on company-paid smartphones will notify IT. File transfer can also be monitored with this feature and it will assist a lot of securing information and usage.

Device Management

AI will be automatically managed apps to improve device performance. With the use of multiple sensors, the smartphone can understand and learn user’s behavior and suggest apps to use or keep the app running in the background for the quick relaunch.  Even it can shut down unused apps to save memory and power.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Deep learning of the user’s natural language through speech recognition will be a great feature as predicted by the report.  This will empower the smartphone to follow up on a single expression of the user. For example, if a user says that “the climate is cold” the smartphone will suggest to ‘order to jacket online’ or ‘turn up the heat’.

Audio Analytic

The smartphone microphone able to listen to sounds and AI can analyze and act accordingly. For example, a smartphone hears an unnatural sound during sleeping hours of the users, at that point triggers the user wristband to encourage an adjustment in sleeping positions.

The mobile app developers at present are integrating more of artificial intelligence technology in their apps. AI was a dream feature in the previous days that has just begun to come to life. Similarly, as smartphone became personal assistants to people in their regular day to day life, AI will turn into a need in each smartphone.

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