Benefits of Custom Android App Development

Custom Android App Development

If you are a business owner and really need to contend in the market, you should consider developing smart applications on various platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone. Each platform of these has its very own standers and conditions; it needs experts who give particular mobile apps development. Your app should be easy to use and navigate, quickly responsive, and clear. This will enable you to build a good reputation and acquire clients.

With the of rising new technologies, Custom App Development turns into the main decision for both start-ups and experienced enterprises. The thing is, there are specific app types that can’t be fabricated for everyone. The developers work on custom Android app development to make the magnificent piece of apps that stand separate from a huge number of applications in the market.

Android is an open source platform by Google that reach relatively 88% of the global market share. Subsequently, you are looking at extensive audience base for your application, Android app development can work for you. Custom Android app development can generally offer a superior app solution than a standard one since it is appropriately lined up with your necessities and goals.

Lower costs but high ROI

There is no concealed cost associated with Custom Android app development. You need to pay just for the specific features you require in your application, fairly any off-the-shelf products that are stacked with excess functions and extravagantly priced.

In Android application development, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided free of cost to the developers.  This can offer your business with double advantages:

*There will be no cost required for authorizing and royalty

*The application development process would be a lot quicker and better

With no broad expense for android app development, you can seek to gain huge.

It is anything but difficult to get the most current OS renditions from the network of Android designers.

App Security

iOS has always been the most favored platform for offering upgraded security for business applications. Fortunately, things are changing truly quick and have begun gazing upwards.

Google is following Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) as a defensive boundary against virus attacks and hacking. This tech monster gas also is chosen to send push notifications to users to remind them to continue changing their mobile settings. When the password is regularly modified, the information security is automatically improved.

This is certain to build the integrity of your security design, giving you a chance to appreciate the app potential with no worries.

You win a more extensive audience when expanding on Android

As we have mentioned at the beginning, Android has to dominate market share with 88% in the 2nd quarter of 2018 according to Statista. So, it is not a surprise that most organizations would incline towards putting resources into an Android application development.

Such an amazing market share implies that your custom application will show up on major devices utilized by people from many economic groups. Also, Android is better known in Asia which is as of now a massive region for any business.

FuGenX Technologies as a top Android app development company Dubai, we have developed many Android apps for various sized companies of numerous types industries including Banking apps, e-commerce apps, education apps, business apps, and mobile games. We have a great experienced team of mobile app developers who have specialized in a high level of creativity.

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