Location based technology will become more accurate with Bluetooth 5.1

Location based technology is improving with Bluetooth 5.1 The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is an organization for Bluetooth technology, this organization recently released the Bluetooth 5.1 specifications will help to increase the accuracy of the location-based technologies.

Bluetooth 5.1 new features will allows devices to find the direction of a Bluetooth signal and positioning system. Even current Bluetooth technology can estimate the distance of other connected device by depending on signal strength. This advanced Bluetooth 5.1 has incorporated multiple antennas on devices like phones and Bluetooth transmitters.

With these new developments, the public can expect the following benefits from the advanced Bluetooth 5.1 improved location-based technologies:

Improves the indoor location Beacons capabilities

Bluetooth 5.1 enables location Beacons more advanced and informative compared to older and it will able to transmit information without connecting to any Bluetooth compatible devices. Beacon has many applications, For example, in a store Beacon can able to detect a person who entered that shop, but it can’t find the exact place of the person in the shop at the given time. But Bluetooth 5.1, will help the Beacon to overcome with that limitation.

Helps to find the lost items

The Bluetooth tracking feature helps individuals to get back the misplaced or lost products. Current Bluetooth limitation is enabled tracking relatively should be a short distance from the lost products and it is necessary to install complementing apps developed by the top mobile app development companies on that device.

Bluetooth 5.1 has extended range and more accuracy to find the lost product and no need to be close to that item. But in old version person should know how far they lost their item and which direction should go to get it.

Improvement in quality of drones

Many people know about aerial drones, which used to take photos and videos from above. Even drones are also used for underwater photographs. People buy this as hobbyists or professionals, they can transmit the photo or video from the depth of 150 meters. When transmitting the photos from underwater, Bluetooth signals become slow down and diffuses in water to overcome this limitation Bluetooth 5.1 can work with multiple antennas that improve the quality. This new version of drones can be used for land use too.

Helping use data from connected cars

Currently, Bluetooth enables people to choose two features, one is sending a small amount of data to a long distance or twice the amount of data and send that to the short distance. The second feature is more useful for connecting cars in future use. As we know Uber already has connected aspects that enables to keep tabs on cars and drivers. Bluetooth 5.1 will improve that variety of advantages in this field.

For example, parents can track the locations of their children and law enforcement officials may use this technology to find suspects on the move.

As discussed above Bluetooth 5.1 has many advantages than Bluetooth 5. People should use this technology in the right way.

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