Consider getting an app for your Food Business in UAE

Consider getting an app for your Food Business in UAE – Here’s why!

The importance of mobile app development companies have been realised by industries around the world, especially after the competition has risen due to the boost in mass reach and brand awareness. And in this realization, UAE is no exception. In the past few years, not only UAE has welcomed the onset of mobile app development with open arms, but also taken pioneering steps in the collaboration and implementation of smart technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. Now the best thing about mobile apps is that they can be assembled literally for just about any purpose, be it utility or business. And among the many sectors that have benefited from mobile applications, food delivery sector is among the top ones.


What is the F&B setup in UAE like?

The restaurants in Dubai and other major cities have been serving food and enjoying great revenues with incredible presence. So why did they add digital platforms to their business model? The reason being mobile apps are extremely economical in the long run, even for restaurants that are quite popular around Dubai. Some of the biggest challenges that the food sector is facing are hiring quality culinary staff, inability to cope up with price sensitive customers, need for more waiting staff, growth with increasing competition and more. Mobile apps addressed many of these issues single-handedly with a uniform, single-interface solution that a mobile is. For instance, adoption of mobile apps by restaurants and eateries helped them save a large part of their expenses on hiring more waiters to attend more and more guests coming to Dubai, by serving a significant fraction of customers in their homes itself. This reduces the unmanageable crowding for the restaurant businesses without interfering with the profits as mobile apps continue collecting revenue with a range of payment options and other methods.

The lavish lifestyle in Dubai speaks a lot about why food delivery sector in the region has gone enormous including the food delivery app development companies. Known as the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai sports some of the fanciest restaurants providing the rarest and most extravagant of cuisines. But the way food delivery applications are gaining popularity, local food delivery kitchens are also giving a tough competition to these conventional restaurants and eateries.

The food delivery market of Dubai is seeing rapid expansion with not just the local players, but also the global food delivery players like Zomato, Delieveroo, UberEats, Talabat and more, already rooted in the market of Dubai, and the UAE.

What do the numbers say?

Among these apps, Zomato has gained the most traction among its competitors, listing all the minor to major places, including the ones that deliver quick bites to meals, right at your doorstep. The profitability of running a food delivery app in Dubai can be seen from Zomato’s annual report which exhibits unprecedented growth in terms of revenue, compared to that of last year, as the $49 million in revenues is 80% more from what it achieved last year.

But it is not just the delivery part that has earned Zomato the heaps; it is the credibility that Zomato has earned as a leading innovator in the food sector. Recently, the restaurant search & delivery giant started a subscription-based service Zomato Treats for providing free desserts for loyal customers, every time they order with Zomato. Available in UAE and Portugal for less than $4 for a year, the service is up & running, and has been welcomed by foodies across the 16 cities where Zomato is serving.

Are they equipped enough for the digital revolution?

When it comes to luxury and convenience, UAE (especially Dubai) is quite accepting because of the fact that majority of the population here has a lavish lifestyle. A more detailed report from KPMG, which covers the food & beverage scenario of UAE, gives a detailed description of the budding industry. According to the report, the digital scenario of UAE makes it quite apparent for the food and beverage industry to flourish in the region as more than 95% of people across the region have smartphones, and among the ones who are regular visitors of food delivery apps, more than 40% use their smartphone to buy meals. Some of the most usual things that people do with their food applications are reservations, searching for restaurants, online ordering, read and write reviews and more.


What’s in it for restaurants and food businesses?

Other than the customers, food businesses in UAE have also realised the importance of mobile apps upon observing the changing trends, though with digital at the core. Figures say that more than 80% restaurant owners said they are listed on all the major food and beverage apps, and it has enhanced their business in terms of marketing and revenue. However, 9% of them still aren’t listed on such apps and another 9% don’t see the purpose. But then the numbers in favour of food and beverage apps are huge.

Health – does it matter for Arabs?

Another factor that truly sets apart the F&B scenario in UAE is the health factor, which most of the food delivery businesses consider when developing an app for delivery. Food and beverage delivery apps in UAE focus exclusively on listing the calorie count, nutritional information in their menu, so that people can see exactly what they are eating and on what position their food stands when it comes to health benefits. An extract from the same KPMG report states that about 14% of the people are health conscious and order only healthy food online and about 41% said they like to eat healthy but not hard and fast about the food they order through mobile apps. Remaining 45% may not be really health conscious about their food choice, but the first two figures add up to form a majority, which again signifies that UAE, especially Dubai is a good place for mobile app development companies in Dubai UAE, aiming for the much coveted F&B business, provided they play by what the needs of the region.

Dubai has always been up with experimentations, especially when the goal is development. And because the Arab government is focusing exclusively on making Dubai the most sought after destination when it comes to a surreal experience, F&B apps are already playing a major role in not letting people enjoy exquisite meals at home, but also the restaurant search and discovery, which some of the websites like ‘Timeout Dubai’, have been doing for years, but not with an undivided focus on the culinary demands of the region.

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