e-Commerce Website & App – Why you Need Both?

e-Commerce-Website & App

The way business is managed is changing at a rapid pace than any given time in the history. You come to know about a new technology that helps your business and you may adopt that technology for your business. But by that time, most probably, you might have to look out for new technology which has surpassed the previous one and has become quite crucial for the survival of your business. This is not an exaggeration. This is the same situation what businessmen are facing across the world.

In the recent times, dot-com boom has taken its shape and all the businesses have come into the sphere very soon by taking up an eCommerce website. But by that time, a new phase has started. That is the phase of mobile apps. Now the businesses need to adapt to a new phase and get into mobile app development to make an e-Commerce app, in order to survive the competition.

Why You Still Need to have an e-Commerce Website?

The website is like an identity now for every business. People who come to know about your brand will immediately make a search on the internet to know who you are, what you are doing, what you are offering, etc. Apart from that, they are also able to make out how good you are, how much people are believing in your products, how well you are able to penetrate into the market. With the availability of loads of information right at the corner of the fingers, it is easy for any person to know about a business in just a few seconds.

In such situations, it is needless to say that every business needs a website in order to survive. Even after the advent of mobile apps for providing personalized business solutions, the need for an eCommerce website is still applicable today. Following are the things you will get by having a website:

  1. Brand Presence: People no more ask their neighbors or friends regarding a brand. They know it by themselves by making a Google search. So, in order to make your brand survive, you need to have a website. In the same lines, this is also very much crucial for developing and retaining customers’ trust. What impression you will pass when a customer can’t find your official website when he or she is trying to find out something important about you.
  2. Getting New Customers: Internet is ever increasing and is a sustainable place for getting new customers. There is the number of people who make purchase decisions based on online research and based on the reviews they read on the web. This way, you are reaching out to millions of potential customers, just by having a website, which doesn’t cost you much with huge competition in the market.

Now, coming to the necessity of having a mobile app, you might have already come to know its importance by checking out the number of users of smartphones, number of people utilizing internet on mobiles, number of mobile apps being deployed in Play Store and App Store. How can a smart business ignore such a great place for finding a lot of potential customers?

If you are still not convinced of having a mobile app for your business, following a few subheadings will let you know why you should have a personalized mobile app for your business right now:

App Preference: There is a rising number of people who are giving more preference to mobile apps over websites. You will have to visit the website each time and log in to get your services. Mobile apps, on the other hand, can provide personalized services because they have your data right on your mobile phone and can login immediately by opening the app.

Exclusive Offers & Content:

By having the mobile app, you can allow your subscribers or customers to have their exclusive content, based on personalized preferences. This makes the service more interesting and customizable. This is what modern customers are looking for.

Apart from offering exclusive content, mobile apps also provide a good opportunity for providing a reward system based on the usage of the customer and also other factors. This creates a new avenue for businesses to attract new customers and to retain the existing ones. Push notifications are another interesting features these mobile apps come with. You can communicate your customer without annoying them, and you can promote your latest products, offers, right on the smartphone of your customer.

You don’t have to spend much time and effort in selecting different companies for developing and managing your website and mobile app separately. There are many companies that serve as an e-commerce mobile app Development Company and also as website Development Company.

Modern day digital marketing approach preaches to have both the eCommerce website and e-commerce mobile app in order to survive the competition and to have a cutting edge over them. Why leave a chance for destiny when you have the opportunity to hit the bull’s eye.

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