EIBFS focus on digital transformation in 2019

EIBFS 2019 Annual Training Plan on Digital Transformation

EIBFS is a regional leader in banking and finance, education and training. The full form of EIBFS is Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies and is announcing its new annual training plan for 2019 with the updating smart technologies and adopting new digital transformation strategies using mobile apps developed be the best mobile app development companies.

EIBFS is going to conduct over 690 regular training and development programmes in the next coming year 2019 – These training programmes are 28 percent higher compared to 2018. By the recommendations and demands of the EIBFS Board of Directors, Advisory Board and banks in the UAE – Many numbers of new programmes will be going to introduce in 2019, majorly this programme will focus on Fintech and other digital technologies.

EIBFS Board took a decision on its latest meeting that their new training plan and platform will start from January 2019. The new plan includes 150 annual training programs and 120 e-learning courses. Training institutes are going to introduce many new platforms along with enhancing the existing ones with new features.

As part of the EIBFS Board command is to prepare banking professionals across the UAE for programmes. Total 690 programmes are planned to host in 2019. These 690 programmes are divided as courses to host by many campuses – Dubai campus will host 31 percent, the Sharjah campus will host 28 percent and the Abu Dhabi campus will host 25 percent courses. Fujairah, Ras AI Khaimah, and AI Ain will host the remaining 16 percent of the courses.

It is critical to adopt new technologies on any field so that digital transformation requires more than just offering a few courses on the latest trends, this means adopting a new approach to training and education in a digital way i.e., e-learning is critical. For this purpose the EIBFS 2019 Annual Training Plan involves the launch of four mobile learning apps, those are easily available on the App Store and in the Android App Bundle on Google Play. These apps help smartphone-savvy learners and supporting a seamless, scalable and interactive learning process.

The four mobile learning apps will include:

  • EIBFS Training: This app will help students to connect with each other in all time, it provides access to the EIBFS relevant information like about its training programs, submit applications for the programs and monitor their status.
  • EIBFS Education: The app will provide a detailed information on existing as well as upcoming training programs. And it keeps updating you on the latest developments through push notifications.
  • EIBFS Library: This is an information resource app will allow database searches for a wide range of subjects included in the training courses.
  • EIBFS Research: This app provides a complete knowledge of research strategies, details of how to get published in the Institute’s International Journal of Research in Banking and Finance, and this app also includes blogs written by industry experts and white papers, and students can get economic and industry reports.

EIBFS uses new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect various classrooms and online elements, including devices, projectors, screens, cameras, microphones, lecture capture systems and learning management systems. Blockchain technology is used to enhance the security and accessibility of official documentation and will enable the issue and verification of academic certificates.

EIBFS focus on establishing national qualifications with the aim of providing learners with locally recognized credentials to support their professional development and create a transparent talent market.

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