Expectations from Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Here-is-what-to-expect-from-Artificial-Intelligence-in-2019As the drapery ascends for 2019, do hope to see significant changes in how companies use artificial intelligence in the New Year. Artificial intelligence (AI) has shown immense potential to make our lives much easier, a reality which does not stop in our homes, as organizations always think of better approaches to utilize AI to engage with clients, make processes easier and pull revenues to new heights.

One most recent research says that 2019 will see the rise of new digital workers with an expanded challenge for data professionals with AI abilities. What is next in business for AI and how it can further lift the achievement of businesses in the New Year, businesses are trying to adapt AI enabled solutions to focus on better-targeted audience.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning based applications and solutions are influencing different verticals, for example, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, and automobile.

AI trends focusing in 2019

More advanced AI assistants

With the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and other devices consumers have been benefiting from AI solutions, assisting in their homes and working places. AI assistant is changing the image of things to come since consumers have been grasping this new AI-powered technology. AI assistants help in playing you a song, search out information online, disclose you the climate report and considerably more.  AI assistants will soon have the capacity to give much increasingly individualized experience as they get better at recognizing different user’s voices.

AI-powered recruiting Chatbot

The popularity and effectiveness of AI-powered chatbots in recent years has slung an enthusiasm for how artificial intelligence is conveyed to enhance the consequences of ad campaigns. The recruiting process is one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks for any businesses, but with advancements in Artificial intelligence, AI-powered recruiting chatbots will be a recruitment trend to watch for in 2019.  Along with AI-powered screening and candidate communication tools, various developing artificial intelligence tools are rising that will enable employers to save even more time and find the candidates they require this year.

AI-powered smart search

Smart search powered by advanced conversational AI is a huge trend now. With the presentation of voice search, users will have the capacity to speak their search queries using an increasingly conversational casual way.  Instead of typing in a search query like ‘mobile app developers Dubai’, the user will be able to speak their search queries using a more conversational phrase, like’ which is the top mobile app development company in Dubai?’ Users will get more conversational answers. This will give users a chance to limit the solutions and get precisely the search results they are searching for without wasting time.

Cyber Defence

It is very easy for a cybercriminal to target software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, IoT devices, and cloud infrastructure and this is the biggest threat to business owners. In 2019, hope that artificial intelligence to be more powerful in preventing potential hackers’ and fighting off cyber threats. Artificial intelligence is enabled to get unusual action indicators and defend your system early before the threat becomes winds up wild.

So, presently you have these four exciting and useful Artificial Intelligence trends to anticipate in this year. As AI advances, your business will get the capability to exploit this technology to not just give you more comfort to your own life, however, enable you to run an increasingly productive and profitable business.

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