Google maps allow you to chat with nearby businesses

Now you can chat with businesses directly through Google mapGoogle Maps is the best mobile app development for mapping, developed by Google for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

In 2017, Google rolled out a new feature that helps users to message businesses from business profiles on Google, but it is limited to a few regions. Now the same feature is launched by Google on Google Maps that allows to chat with businesses. This new feature of business messaging is available on Android and iPhone and it is visible on the left-hand slide-out drawer as a “message” button, users can use this feature to message businesses found on Google Maps. This feature comes up with the effort of search giants because they fail to get the attention of more users with Hangout, Allo and RCS chat.

A business that want to get benefit from this feature need to install Google My Business app from the Apple store or Google Play store after that the app’s verification system will activate the feature. This business messaging feature available for Google users in additional countries; United States, Canada, Brazil and India. This helps many local businesses connect with their customers from anywhere.

The business messaging feature is really helpful for everyone i.e., both customers and employees who work in shop or any businesses. Customers can confirm their product which is available at their required time and they can send the same queries to various stores, and confirm the product availability without making calls to every shop and employees can satisfy their customer needs without disappointing them and employee can answer to many customers at a time but in call they can answer only one customer at a time.

Even after bringing this new feature, Google is still finding new path to save Hangouts, Allo and RCS Chat app used by business owners to reach their customers. Adding those app’s features in Google Maps may go to mess this messaging platform so putting only business messaging feature make sense. But this new feature will put down the importance of RCS chat app is Android application.

Google Maps has almost all features, including those which are complementary because all are necessary features. To make easy of work for local business, Google launched a “follow” button and a feature for users to share their estimated arrival time and this feature is redesigned with “Explore” section that not shows cross street near destination point, which saves time for zoom.

Google Maps adds many features and is becoming overloaded because to stand in competition. Google slowly adds all features in Google Maps to put the competition to Yelp, is the most popular app to search business near your location.

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