How app development can meet your enterprise needs?

Enterprise App Development for your Business

The year is 2020, and we are far deep into digital technology. So deep that, whether already being used or not, mobile apps within an enterprise of any size is a necessity.

Some may be still be surviving without mobile apps, but that does not change the fact that the need for smart solutions is loud & clear.

And this hasn’t happened just of out the blue; the change has been gradual & all so predictable, and every enterprise should rethink app development process

As per the findings of a survey by Appdexa, 77% of mobile app development companies say that the demand for mobile applications in business applications has amplified since 2016.

Apart from user-centricity, the efficacy of mobile applications has gone internal as well, because most of the enterprises today, use mobile business applications/purpose apps for in-house operations and to assimilate employees through a single and always-accessible solution.

The same report by Appdexa also comments that while 69% of enterprises today are using at least one good enterprise app, 27% of the enterprises are using more than 6 mobile enterprise apps to incorporate their businesses enhanced.

The stats here speak of the best mobile applications have in altering the game for enterprise app development. If you are still pondering over the essence of enterprise apps in your business, here are some of how the best enterprise apps that can help your business:

  • Collaborate teams, because they should

The bigger your company goes, the number of organizations you will have to set up. In that case, the need for association would be inevitable. For years, there has been Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that has been acting as a common link between teams & departments of a company.

It has been witnessed that more than three million businesses are downloading office apps like G Suite to work together on various tasks.

So far, the protagonist of ERPs in enterprises has been of real-time record maintenance and audibility, but in terms of communication & collaboration, ERPs have been useless.

This is where top enterprise applications have ascertained to be tools for operative communication & project synchronization.

Though the functionalities of mobile apps have been limited to a mobile platform and are, in no way a standby for ERP solutions, most of the enterprises today have application suites that comprise of mobile apps for dealing with each characteristic of the organization like human resource, sales, production, CRM, marketing, and many more. However, what makes these app solutions distinctive is that they can also be entrenched with internal communication features such as internal chat, meetings manager, etc., to benefit people to communicate commendably in real-time.

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  • Save that money

Return on Investment is probably the easiest method to check if your money went in the right direction or not.

Studies suggest that enterprise apps can bring more than 35% ROI to the business. Better ROI means you are saving the money you would have spent on other components like marketing, sales, and more.

Compared to enterprise software, mobile apps are quite cheap to build, whereas the benefits are equal.

Each type of department has its workflow & the processes, in which case, developing unique software solutions for every department and then assimilating them with an ERP software would not be a prudent thing to do in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as efficiency.

For all kinds of maneuvers, an enterprise can merely get a mobile app to coordinate & notify employees from other departments about the fluctuations.

So fundamentally, with a single enterprise solution, you can keep the whole workforce updated on what is going on in the organization. Isn’t that cost-effective.

“Are you wondering why to create an app for your enterprise? Talk to our experts to know the benefits.”

  • ERP Client apps

The reason why mobile applications haven’t forayed into offering ERP solutions is that the system requirements for such a large & complicated system are usually high and also require a devoted server.

And as I already stated, mobile apps are not here to supplant ERP systems; they are currently into streaming data on-demand client request via a client window.

ERP solutions suppliers also found that mobile apps a suitable way for their clients to benefit them keep up with the enterprise database.

Because of which service providers like SAP have already hurled their ERP clients on Android as well as Apple App Store.

Another perception of this could be that if you are an ERP service provider, you can fascinate more customers for your product by keeping an ERP client-ready when you pitch them your product.

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  • Enhancement of productivity

So a simple app for internal communication – what do you think it can do? We say ‘wonders,’ it can do wonders. As per a survey, there is an almost 16% increase in work productivity due to enterprise apps being actively used by the employees.

For better productivity, communication is an essential factor. The better the connection will be, the lesser time will be spent assimilating or discussing the information.

Until the initiation of mobile applications, the tiresome email conversation culture had rapt industries for years as the only elucidation for communiqué.

Let us not say Skype has been everywhere for eons because Skype is not a suitable means of communication if the conversations have to be kept confidential.

Most of the apps or platforms that employees use to match up projects are entrenched with internal chat.

But what about the interaction on the go? Besides, you can practice full-fledged use of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy through mobile applications.

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  • Develop insights

Assuming your enterprise handles various operations, which are dealt with, different departments, there is a lot more you can figure out with an enterprise app, apart from just building a tool for convenience.

An enterprise app that connects different departments through a single database that contains a lot of data that can be used to measure productivity, performance, and the efficiency of your employees.

Besides, different departments can also excerpt the required data to plan their workflow based on the availability of co-workers and their roster that can be revealed in the enterprise app in the goals & responsibilities section.

It also helps employees to be less dependent upon authorities for data requirements. A central repository of data can be upheld for all the employees, depending on the access right assigned to them.

Getting an enterprise mobile application development platform is probably the best thing you can do for your organization in this day & age, where it is all about digital competency.

Not only can you take your employees with it, but also stay educated better about your organization, how it is doing & where it needs improvement.

  • Final words

An enterprise is a representative of how extremely you consider the character of efficiency in your business.

Therefore, if you are damn serious about building an enterprise app, then it is right time you loomed the best app development companies in the town to get a perfect enterprise solution.

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