How Biometric Card technology replace the Smart cards?

Now, security is being stronger than ever before, because biometric fingerprint is replacing the smart cards. The biometric payment card is a credit or debit card that uses the account holder’s fingerprint to verify the transaction made by that person. Biometric cards provide more security than traditional cards through its special features. Various user’s data will be stored in that card, that data includes the template of the holder’s fingerprint, the personal account details, and authentication and confirm matching engine. If account holders lost their cards, their card data will be safe, so the third party will not get access to information.

In this technological world, there is no doubt that all are doing a digital transaction, for all digital transaction the main key is smart card details, so keeping that details in a safe manner is important. And almost cash payments are starting to phase out because of more digital transactions. However, this smart card is being threatened soon so replacing them with biometric fingerprints provide security. In biometrics, not only fingerprints are considered, but also it considers some body parts, such as eye, face, a voice for verifying the person’s identity, therefore biometric provides better assurance of security.

Biometrics have entered into the mobile world

Biometrics have begun to dominate the mobile world. Now 60% biometric fingerprint is used in all smartphones like Android and iPhones. Most of the smartphone use a biometric fingerprint to unlock the screen, this replaces passwords and PIN. This keeps your data and mobile apps used in the mobile safe. Users are already known about these benefits and it brings more value to securing authentication.

Example: AppLock – Fingerprint is one of the most advanced apps in the app development companies for using fingerprint phone lock. It has developed with advanced app protector features that will allow to lock and protect apps using a password, PIN or fingerprint.

AI will make biometrics more feasible in the defense departments and other government agencies. Are you thinking about trouble causing by biometric batteries if they dead, how to use cards in that situation Don’t get worried about that because biometric cards are using sensors powered by the energy from the terminals. These cards can also use the existing terminals that are designed for traditional smart cards. One of the most important advantages is that a biometric payment card issued by a bank of a country can be used for safe payments in some other countries also.

Benefits of Biometric cards

While providing PIN and password for an account, it requires a signature of that holder, but it is difficult for some people who are illiterates. This PIN and passwords contain a more different set of numeral this numerals are very difficult to remember but biometric cards overcome these problems.

One of the amazing advantages of a biometric card is that they are incredibly easy to use for all like a bank, retailers, and consumers. It is more beneficial for banking industries because it allows banks to improve their status with this impressive technology, in another way it helps to attract new customers and retain potential existing customers by providing new positive financial experience. This card is also a cost-effective one because there is no need to upgrade POS terminals which are done for traditional smart cards.

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