How Mobile App Development Companies are helping Businesses build Brand Image

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Irrespective of how big your investment has been, getting a solid brand image doesn’t happen in an instant. Although in case of big investments, brand building is relatively easy as the enterprise can spend a fortune on traditional marketing companies and basically, paint the whole city with ads and hoarding. So, for them earning recognition in the market is not a big deal. But then we see small brands dealing in e-commerce, m-commerce, travel agencies, blogs and more, doing a great job using just the apps. And even though you cannot judge something by its size, it is but obvious that the overall expenditure on traditional marketing against that on app marketing is huge.

According to comScore, the number of mobile users have already surpassed desktop users back in 2014 and had surpassed by millions in 2017 itself. Another report by a reputed organization says that 58% prefer mobile apps over desktop websites for making purchases.

So this brings us to the conclusion that mobile is a great platform for grabbing eyeballs, followed by instant recognition. But then how can one use mobile apps to build a great brand image? Find out in the rest of the article:

Offer everything, in one place

The major cause behind the widespread acceptance of mobile apps is quite apparent i.e with the help of a mobile app, one can enjoy the portfolio of services offered by a company, on a single platform. Apart from the huge adoption rate of mobile apps in m-commerce, big retail brands like Levis, Max, Bata etc. have also got themselves at least a mobile app on the app stores. The reason behind it is that when customers shop through a mobile app, they can see all the services offered by the business in one place, unlike retail system which hardly integrates different components of a business.

Direct Engagement with Customers

Today, the best app development companies come up with apps that have provisions for effective engagement with the users. With the help of offers and promotions, one can easily engage with the users, without facing the hassles of creating new pages on a website or using print media. Push notifications are very effective at letting people know about your deals and promotional offers. You can also pitch your opinion about issues your users care about, in order to look more real.

Mobile App Store Optimization

The first impression is the last impression – is definitely true in case of marketing through the app. Needless to mention, your brand logo or app icon is subconsciously one of the most important factors that determine how many people will connect with it at first glance. That is why you need to hire a good designer that can instill a message and a purpose behind the logo.

Following the logo, the user goes for the app description, which explains enough to the user to compel them to download your app. Also, what the description says should be in accordance with what the app screen display. Or vice versa.

So basically, there are three components we have discussed under this category: Brand Logo, App Description and App Screens. Take care of these on the stores and your brand is bound to gain some significant recognition in no time.

Best Mobile App Developers for the Best User Experience

User Experience is one of the vital components of your app, to get your brand an immovable stance in the market and for its own survival as well. Top app development companies have learned the secret of building the brand image over a period of years and that is by understanding what a user involuntarily demands in an app. User Experience could be termed as the image of the app that a user perceives. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is also being used to improve the user experience. This is because user experience, for some, is a matter of perspective and to match their demands in the app, mobile app development companies are making apps user-specific and intelligent enough to comprehend the data on the network. How does brand image come into context here? The user would automatically find your app suitable for them as it specifically caters to their requirements.

Give the Benefits directly to Customers

There is an absolute 100% surety that the prices of online stores would always be lesser than the retail ones of the same brand. With this in mind, many businesses are focusing entirely on selling through online stores and not going for retail business at all. Some of the trending examples of such brands are Myntra, Ajio, Jabong etc. Now, as a matter of fact, there are only two ways you can buy from an online store: a website or a mobile app. Now in terms of convenience, instant connectivity, engagement; a mobile app is way better than a website that is slow to load and messy to explore.


Since the inception of digital marketing, mobile apps have truly dominated the marketing sector. In terms of mass reach and adoption, the side of digital marketing that has been accepted the most is a mobile app strategy. On its own, a mobile app is just a tool that can be used to explore various possibilities in marketing; a tool that needs to be driven. So, it is important to know that applying the basic of marketing to a mobile app is still important in order to have visible benefits.

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