How much it cost to develop a classified app like Dubizzle in Dubai

Currently, most people preferring online shopping rather than traditional street-side stores. The entrenched eCommerce industry has left an ineffaceable footprint on society that goes far beyond the ability to buy an item anytime & anywhere.

With mobile usage increasing rapidly in these recent years, businesses have to respond quickly to the burgeoning demand of services & products on portable devices.

The online market place has made significant changes as to how companies reach & engage more and more users. You can better say thanks to technology for making the shopping experience possible, convenient, easy, and accessible anywhere & anytime.

The main motive of the marketplace is to provide seamless & effective cooperation between buyers & sellers. Classified apps help people to easily buy & sell new/old products online from their homes; it is the reason the eCommerce industry is becoming more popular all over the world.

There was a time where people used to visit the newspaper agency to advertise/write an ad. Even today, everything rests the same, but the way of buying or selling things has changed. You may think how it is possible.
It can be done via a classified app, and indeed, it is convenient & easy to use.

Classified apps are an excellent way to develop a thriving community around you & get more visitors to your site. Among these, there is a popular mobile app name called Dubizzle.

Continue reading, if you are looking to build an app like Dubizzle. We are going to give a clear idea of the cost to develop the Dubizzle app.

Before knowing the cost to the Dubizzle classifieds app, we will understand some features of the app and how the app work.

About Dubizzle is a Dubai based leading company & largest user-generated classified & community portal in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that offers content in job offers and property listing.

The Dubizzle website founded in 2005 by Sim Wheatley and JC Butler. Dubizzle is one of the OLX companies. Around 40% of the UAE users spend at least 20 minutes on this site.

The Dubai based company began as an attempt to provide expatriates with an easy to utilize classified ads. The company has become the first portal in the country for users to sell, buy, or find anything in their community.

The Dubizzle is currently operating in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Abu Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Lebanon. Dubizzle advertising was born in 2009. In December 2010, the Dubizzle website was generating about 50 million page views per month, with more than 3 million hits.

The app available in 11 countries & 31 cities across the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) with platforms available in Arabic, English, and French.

The Dubizzle aim is to build an environment that is not related to the product and provides new methods that allow them to exchange efficiency, place, and material value without the need of intermediary and deal face to face with each other.
You can download and install the latest version of the Dubizzle mobile app free on the Apple and Google Play Store.

With the help of Dubizzle, you can:

  • You can rent/purchase a room, apartment, in any neighborhood in the UAE and Dubai.
  • Buy & sell furniture, electronics, baby care items, home appliances, and mobile phones.
  • You can apply for jobs in the UAE.

Why an app like Dubizzle?

Right now, the internet is one of the fastest moving economies in the world, and the right way to promote your business is through classification ads/services.

To be more precise, they are called classified apps because it acts as a focal point for both sellers and buyers.

  • An entrant to build a prosperous community

After seeing the growth in the mobile industry, many app developers are paving the way for more creative and trending IOS and Android platforms. It is an excellent way to generate a thriving community around you to aim a more significant number of visitors to the targeted sites.

  • Can reach targeted audiences

A behemoth of sellers just put their ads on a trustworthy platform; many buyers will have a glance and end up purchasing from that app. It proves to be a great way to reach out to many people in a targeted location.
It provides an opportunity to develop your exclusive classified ads on the 3W’s ‘World Wide Web’ either through the website or mobile app.

Now, you have to know why an app like Dubizzle is the impeccable fit for your online business presence.

Features of Dubizzle

1. You can create a Dubizzle account with the help of email & password. Either place a dedicated page or popup for the signup form. It saves time a user time also.

2. A trader/seller can easily post their advertisements.

3. Customers can sign up for free in Dubizzle.

4. When you decided to develop an app like Dubizzle, you must provide multiple languages. It helps customers to understand the products, prices, and features easily.

5. No intermediaries/third party involved between the seller and buyer

6. You can include peer-to-peer communication tools for users to interact with each other. This feature helps sellers to contact buyers and vice versa.

7. You can make it simple for users to create & publish ads on the classifieds platform. One important thing you cannot ignore you cannot manage your ads until and unless you are registered users. Under the ads section, the registered user can view all the ads created by them, and they can delete the expired ones.

8. The next feature we need to integrate is Search Filters that help in product discovery. It is the reason; you need to incorporate most advanced search filters to assist users in finding the right products.

How much it cost to place an ad?

Most of the ads on Dubizzle are free. However, the first time you place an ad on Dubizzle, you will be asked to send an activation SMS that maybe cost you a little amount.

In the Dubizzle India/Dubizzle Dubai, there are various sections where you can place your ads:

  •  Jobs

This section wholly designed for job seekers & recruiters. Recruiters who are in search of the right candidates and candidates who are in search of the job can easily find out the right jobs under this section.

It will cost you 149 AED per ad; if you are looking for more than an ad, you can contact the company.

  • Community

Under this segment, the users can find & list out the classes, activities, and workshops. In this section, freelancers can also list their services under this section.

  • Property for rent

The property owners can find suitable tenants by listing their property, which they want to rent. This category is more useful for users who are planning to acquire rental properties.

Note for Agents:

Agents can go with the free package, in which you can find daily five listings with one free daily credit. If you want more, there are many packages available.

  • Property for sale

This section is for the users who want to make benefit by selling their property, that too, by skipping broker & their vast charges.
For this, you need to pay 249 AED per ad, and your ad will be live for two months with the feature of a refresh. With the help of this feature, you can take your ad to the top position after seven days.

After the last refresh date, your ad is still live for another 2 months.

  • Motors

Vehicles of any list out under this category. This section again subdivided into different sub-sections such as used cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, and many more.

  • Used cars for sale

In this section, you can go with a classic package that costs you around 199 AED. The prices will differ based on the package you select.

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How much it cost to develop a classified app like Dubizzle?

The cost of an app relies on several factors; they are:

  • App Platform:

Choose which platform you want to opt in the initial stage because it takes a lot of time to develop both the platforms.
It is better to go with the one platform that is Android/IOS in the initial stages. If you are successful with the one platform, then it is good to go for the other platform.

  • App Design:

The app needs to have an attractive design to engage users and retain them.
The excellent design will costs more, but with the best design practices, we can reduce the cost primarily. FuGenX has proven expertise in this.

  •  App size:

App size includes the number of functionalities, user database, and features that every app should have. Apps like Dubizzle should be scalable so that it can retain its efficiency even with the increased users.

  • App developers:

The cost of an app depends on the developers’ geographic location also. Developers’ experience & expertise level even matter most here. Developing a Dubizzle like app in India is significantly cheaper compared to the US.

1 Project Manager.

2 UI/UX designers.

4 Android developers.

4 IOS developers.

3 Backend developers.

2-3 Quality engineers.


The developer’s price will depend on the geographical location.

Cost of developers based on geographical location

India $10 to $80/hour

Australia – $50 to $150/hour

Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour

USA/Canada-based dev teams – $50 to $250/hour

Eastern Ezrope – $20 to $150/hour.

App development cost: Development time (hours)* Developer price per hour.

Anyway, at a prominent mobile app development company like FuGenX, the approximate cost of developing an app like Dubizzle varies from USD 10k to USD 55k based on the above mention factors.

The cost mentioned above is an approximate one; if you want to know the exact cost to clone Dubizzle application, and then contact our technical with your requirements. They will help you out in identifying the correct price to develop.

  • Final words

Building an app like Dubizzle is a no more daunting task. The toughest thing is to find the right mobile app development company in Dubai.

Therefore, to make all odds in your favor, FuGenx is the top among the mobile app development companies in Dubai. If you are planning to develop your app soon and wish to create a website like Dubizzle, the right mobile app development company in Dubai is here for you.

We are happy to serve you.

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