How Progressive Web Apps Development is better than Native Mobile App

Web Apps Development vs Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is witnessing Progressive web apps development in recent times. This is mainly because it offers a lot many advantages both for business owners and users. Many small scaled and big scaled companies have boosted their businesses using PWA’s applications. It accounted for rising in conversation rate, a decrease in bounce rate, improvement in page speed. Now, let us have a deep insight into the PWA’s in this article.

What is PWA’s

Progressive Web Apps, PWA’s are nothing but the mobile apps, which can be delivered via the web. Its function has similarities with native apps, because of the usage of app shells, which allows app style features and navigation. The only difference they have it that they need not be downloaded from app stores. It can run directly from the web. PWA’s can be load easily with low connectivity also. These apps are up-to-date with the help of pre-caching, at all times and upon launch, it will display the latest version.

No doubt mobile apps are so important, but the fact that they along cant lead the business cannot be ignored. Mobile apps are highly effective and efficient for businesses which have the big user base, like a hotel, e-commerce, hospitality, and such. Even small-scale business can do better with these. So, depending on the type of the business, creating of the mobile app has to be decided.

There might be some problems raised during mobile app development for small-scale businesses. These may include dragging users to download the app, involves an expensive cost for including feature updates, the inclusion of different versions, installation requirements, its maintenance and all such. All these issues can be resolved using PWA’s because they are similar to web app development, and they require minimal maintenance and are inexpensive as compared to the mobile apps.

Characteristic Features of PWA

Understanding PWA’s features are very important for exploring them to the best. Following are some of the important characteristic features of PWA’s

  • Progressive- these are developed with progressive enhancement as a core tenet, thus these allow every user to get access.
  • Responsive- these apps are not restricted or confined to particular screens, but in fact, they are designed to fit for all screens. It works on all types of devices like mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.
  • Shareable content- the web content can be shared with any app that is installed. For instance, you can share your required information on some social media platform also, without the search for resources to do it.
  • Security- these are secured over HTTPS, which links the maximum security and privacy for users and site data.
  • Ease in its discovery- because it uses the web for delivering the user experience, it is easy to discover PWA on search engines. Sharing the pages with URL will also help in discovering it.
  • Push Notifications– push notifications which serve for reminding the user and/or updating the user, will increase the user retention rates, enhance user engagement, etc.
  • Offline support- users will definitely feel uncomfortable with connectivity problems. But PWA offers the best functionality even if the network is slow, this is because they user caching.
  • Adding to Home Screen- PWA offers the users with the choice of adding it to the home screen. These ways, it helps in instant access.
  • Instant Loading- the loading process of PWA is just so instant and reliable, even under low connectivity.
  • App-like experience- PWA give an app-style interaction and navigation to the user
  • New feature- there are so many other benefits of using PWA like enhanced speed and performance and functionality. Also, more features can be added at any time.

Intense work is going on in enhancing these PWA in order to make the user enjoy the best of the best.

  • PWA is successful in making a move towards mobility era

At the time of mobile app introduction, it has really revolutionized the market, and almost all the user has started using the apps, as they felt like they are interacting with the smartphones. So, as the trend is changing constantly, mobile apps are getting faded.

PWA, though it has been launched in 2015, it is getting popularity in the recent time, specifically this year. Even Microsoft, Google, Apple are transitioning to PWA, owing to its flexibility, as these are the only best option to stay ahead in the mobile industry.

Many businesses are also turning toward PWA to gain tinder noticed load time to cut down to half, as compared to native apps. This will result in sending more messages, longer session times, more swiping. Also, with PWA, the user can have tinder from a desktop or mobile devices, so as to account for meeting the target market.

As per the statistics, Pinterest’s PWA is spending more time about 40% more on websites when compared to the earlier mobile websites. Also, it has accounted for raising the ad revenue to 44% and core engagement by 60%. Not only for Pinterest but also for Flipkart, 60% of their users who uninstalled their native apps, are now using Flipkart PWA.


As a bottom line, PWA’s are undoubtedly are the one which are setting new standards in the tech arena. They account for a lot many benefits like lessen load time, boost conversions significantly, and mainly overcome the drawbacks of native apps. Then, what are you waiting for, if you are not yet tried using PWA, start doing it now and notice the difference it makes.

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