Interesting Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smartphone

Virtual reality is the most impressive type of reality technology and can convince our brain that it is somewhere really not. It truly makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere and at any time.

VR is the trending technology, now it is entering into the entertainment zone. If you have an iPhone/Android smartphone and VR headset, you can enjoy the interest VR apps in your smartphone. When it comes to finding the best VR apps in the iPhone and Android smartphones, here is the list of the best VR apps to check out in 2018.

Google Cardboard

Google cardboard app is available on Android and iOS. You can feel a stunning environment all around you using your smartphone and VR apps. Travel the world with Google cardboard to get an immersive experience.

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR, this described as a cinematic virtual reality available only for your iPhone. In this app, you can experience 360-degree films, documentaries, musical shows, and other videos. Experience the situation of individuals in the Solomon Islands who is facing the conflict and peace.

Liftoff VR

With the free Liftoff VR app, you can watch and experience heavy rocket launches from Earth to space and then releases a satellite into orbit. Using VR apps turn your head in any direction to see all around you and you can see the stars slowly become visible in the sky.


Orbulus is a realistic VR application that shows new aspects about the real world place to a person who did not visit the place in person. This gallery contains images that are created using photo sphere technology from Google. This also features the best and most renowned hotspots to visit by travelers.


Seene is a free and useful Photography virtual reality app which can be used in both Android and iPhone devices because of its features. It provides new ways to accurately capture, share and re-experience life in 3D and VR. This app allows you to share 360-degree pictures around the world.

Incell VR

Incell VR is a free game app on Android and iPhone phones. This action and racing VR game includes strategy and bioscience with a mixture of rare and unusual small world with recreated cells. This game mainly focused on virtual reality, but you can also play without any cardboard set. Parents should know about this and allow kids to play because it is about the science of human body cells.

Now, you got some idea about the virtual reality apps that you can get more fun and experience. Still, so many VR apps are there on the different thought like Zombie Shooter VR, Virtual Reality Moon, Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story and more.

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