Top 4 Predictions of Internet of Things in 2019

Internet of things

There is no need to give more explanation about the growth of the Internet of Things at an exponential rate. All software networks are advancing their basic functions and going to update every day. This updating IoT trends are not only changing business operations, but also the effect on the way people live. IoT technology has gradually developed in recent years with the help of sensors, cloud and edge infrastructures, platforms, analytics, and more. Let’s take a look at IoT predictions for the upcoming years.

Growth across the Board

When you take a look around the IoT market, there will be billions of connectivity statistics we get. According to some studies within this year, around 3.6 billion devices are connected to the internet for daily task and also IoT is used in mobile app development companies (Android and iPhone) to develop advanced mobile apps, this means the total number of connected devices are more than that. Increase in use of the number of devices automatically effect on increase in data and traffic of connected internet. In 2019, there will be a bigger push for edge computing and 5G connectivity web highway to handle the increased number of devices.

More influence on manufacturing and healthcare industries

In many industries Intenet of Things act as a key driver of digital transformation, especially for the manufacturing industry. Sensors, RFID tags, and smart beacons are already started with IoT application for the next level of the industrial revolution. Many market analysts analyze that number of connected device for manufacturing industry will double for the next coming years. And the role of these connected devices is game changers for every part of the production process from development to supply chain management.

Almost 87% of the healthcare organizations are going to adopt the Internet of Things by 2019. Its application in the healthcare industry is huge and endless – maintaining electronic health records, managing sensitive data, personal healthcare management and more.

Market penetration of connected smart cars

There are more possibilities of Internet of Things used in the self-driving cars. Up to date, diagnostic information about the car is stored in the app, must be built by the best mobile app development companies that app is connected with many vehicles and this is also done by Internet of things . Other applications of Intenet of things are able to check tire pressure, oil level, fuel consumption and many other things about the car. An interesting application is IoT technology based vehicle has the ability to alert its owner if anything went wrong in the engine. Apart from diagnostic information and connected apps still more benefits are voice search, and current traffic information are a few other things that will change the way we drive. Internet of Things is going to change the way of experience in automobiles.

Increased Security at End Points

Now the IoT devices don’t have security measures. But by 2019, there will be increasing the security measures at an endpoint. Many manufacturing companies like Cisco, HPE, Dell and more are developing specific infrastructure to get more security. Many security solutions are working to provide better endpoint security, prevent data loss, give more information on network health and threat protection, and includes privileged user control.

I have mentioned only a few IoT predictions for 2019. There will likely be more advanced improvement may come. I personally can’t wait to see how the IoT continues to rule things up on industries everywhere.

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