Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi [Update]


Mobile applications are becoming a vital ingredient for almost all businesses. It has reached to that extent that without mobile apps, the chance of success for any business is very less. This increasing demand for mobile applications has also resulted in the rise in the need for various mobile app development companies.

Of the various cities, which welcome the latest technologies innovations, UAE stands in the first row. As the business demands are on raise, the requisites for it are also in high order. One of the essential technological prerequisites is the mobile application for the business. Mobile apps are becoming more demanding for their top-notch performance and implementation. This is what making various businesses to make a move towards the adoption of mobile applications for their businesses.

Are you looking for top app developers in Dubai, UAE?

Here is the list of top 10 mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE.

Be it a startup or well-established organization; it is a tough task for any business in the UAE to find a reliable mobile app developer in Dubai.

We have collected a list of top 10 companies in Dubai, UAE, to help these businesses to find the right firm for their app needs.

1-FuGenX Technologies

fugenx new logo

FuGenX Technologies is the world’s leading Mobile app development company and one of the top UAE companies. It provides the best technical support for artificial intelligence, data science, automation, machine learning, game designing, and game development.

It is known for meeting all the client requirements, covering risks and opportunities. This top-notch performance of this company has made it win many premier awards for leading product launches in the digital arena.

This is proving to raise the business of various sizes with its fantastic long term and short-term changes. It has a record of accomplishment of 450+ web apps, 750+ mobile apps, 100+ IT projects, and many more.

FuGenX is one of the best destinations for various technical solutions for different-sized businesses. The high expertise team of designers and developers are committed to delivering the best mobile apps on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and other popular platforms.

Key clients: Big Basket, Vodafone, AstraZeneca, Praxair, BPCL, and many more.

Locations: UAE, USA, and India.

Founded In: 2008

2-Hyperlink Infosystem


Since its inception in 2011, it has been proving itself in delivering the best mobile applications for various business needs. The company lists on one of the biggest companies in UAE.

The different best features of this company are perfect in meeting the client’s requirements, delivering apps on time, updating the latest technologies, best quality management systems, and the best management of their committed employees.

Hyperlink Infosystem provides the best apps for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems as per the client requirement. They are specialized in Mobile app development, web development, Unity 2D/3D game development, Enterprises development.

Founded In: 2011

Located In: UAE, USA, India, and Australia



Apphitect is one of the leading UAE top companies since 2008 and considered for successful project deliveries with the desired mobile applications.

This has the record of making many successful apps in app stores. This company is known to develop various unique apps that help businesses to have the best coding measures, thus the best mobile apps.

This perfect company can give perfect shape to the dreams of the client. They are specialized in various AR-based apps for the retail and advertising industry.

They work on a popular OS like iOS and Android. They are known for E-commerce development, Mobile app development, and Mobile app marketing.

Founded In: 2008

Located In: UAE



DeviceBee takes 9th position in the list of big companies in Dubai. A leading mobile app development company is focused on empowering business with innovative technology solutions in Dubai.

Since its inception, it has provided various technology solutions to a diversity of verticals Healthcare, Telecom, and Information technology sectors with 100% satisfaction to the clients.

The experience and expertise of the company help propel our customers to a new, high plane of good advantage in the global market place.

Founded In: 2009

Located In: UAE and USA





Approxen is finding its place in the top list of developers in Dubai by its various customizable solutions for different business needs of the clients serving best for raising the revenue of the client.

This mobile app development Dubai comprises of a highly experienced team of mobile designers, developers, strategists, and programmers. It has a passion for creating web and mobile user experiences in the best way possible!

As the needs of a client are changing, the respective technical support and solutions also need to change, which can be done through Approxen. Approxen is known to serve the client best, starting the app making until its execution, thus making it advantageous to the end-users.

Founded In: 2010

Located In: UAE

6 – Celadon

celadon app development in uaeCeladon is the next one in the list of top developers in Dubai, and it is well known for creating web and mobile applications for well-established organizations and startups.

The company is known for its cost-efficiency, high quality, and speed work that meets the latest market demands. When we talk about technical things, celadon strictly focuses on advanced technologies and the latest frameworks.

In the time inception, it worked with the small and mid-scale businesses by focusing on healthcare, education, medical, and business services. The organization is very much passionate about challenging and innovative projects, and they deliver projects on the mentioned deadlines.

Founded In: 2016

Located In: Dubai, USA, and Belarus

7-Konstant Infosolutions 

Konstant InfosolutionsKonstant Infosolutions is one of the globally recognized mobile app development company along with successful experience in web and web app development.

This UAE mobile app development company has a team of 170+ well-experienced professionals who can provide the best of technology solutions and services across 30+ industries.

The whole team of the Konstant Infosolutions mainly focused on developing world-class digital experiences by using various technologies such as wearable, IoT, mobile, and cloud solutions.

This company is continuously adopting advanced techniques and trends in the iPhone and Android app development and other verticals.

Founded In: 2003

Located In: UAE, USA, and India

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Mobii worldMobiiworld comes next in the list of top developers in UAE. Mobiiworld is a reputed, full-service design and development mobile app agency located in Dubai.

We develop apps, games, and other fresh content for various multiple platforms, including Android, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

The company value is exemplified in an identical mobile strategy, innovative designs, award-winning ideas, secure code, and engaging user experiences.

The company offers services starting from design to distribution of apps on all leading app stores such as google play store, Apple store, BlackBerry app, Ovi by Nokia, and many more.

Founded In: 2010

Located In: Dubai, UAE



INGICINGIC took the next slot in the list of top 10 companies in UAE. INGIC is a leading mobile app development company and a customized service solution provider in the UAE.

A result-oriented mobile app strategy, design, and development company focus on a high conversation rate via custom mobile app development.

The company consists of the most talented professionals who are having expertise in IOS, wearables, VR/AR, IoT devices, Android app development.

It has a wide range of web and mobile services that brings you what you need, whether it be tailored software or off-the-shelf-solution according to your business needs.

Founded In: 2012

Located In: UAE, USA, KSA, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.



Techugo mobile app developemnt company in uae, duabi

Techugo is one of the top and highest rated mobile apps development company in Dubai, UAE. It creates robust mobile apps by assessing the business aspect of each mobile effort and maximizes its potential via discovery and digital innovation.

The company’s main strength lies in the development of Android and IOS platforms, which has made a trustworthy partner for startups and well-established organizations. Techugo served various industries ranging from retail, government, entertainment, political parties, and many more.

Founded In: 2015

Located In: UAE, USA, India, and Canada

  • Final words

Besides all the big names that go behind the development of apps and games, many companies are emerging as leaders in the app development domain. However, here above, the listed top 10 mobile app development companies in Dubai UAE are deserved for these positions due to their effective services and client reviews.

The trend is a continuous change, acclimate it gracefully!

Get a personalized mobile app for your business, and do not let the work experience deadlocks and holdbacks. Select the most appropriate company and app developers in Dubai, UAE, to shape your app into constructive reality.

Let your brand speak for you.

Let me know in the comment segment if we have missed the name of any top app development companies here, and we will try to upgrade the list.

If you are looking for the latest trends in mobile app development, stay tuned to us.

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