Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Startups

mobile app marketing strategies for startupsAs an app development company startup, it is very hard for a company to stay aware of the realities of marketing strategies. Marketing space is quite vast and has different categories like online and offline marketing, which have to be implemented elaborately in order to leave a lasting impact to help you stay around at least for a while.

When compared to big companies, start-ups are likely to face a lot of problems and challenges in reaching out to their audience and making their voices heard.

Now the question is how a startup can make a successful marketing strategy for their application. Let’s discuss four powerful strategies that can help startups market their mobile applications more effectively than ever:

Low Budget Pre-Launch Marketing

Nowadays, companies should not wait until the application development is finished, to hit the market. They shall plan in advance and start marketing a little before it is complete and ready to launch. Even if the product is not ready, as a developer you shall start marketing by giving an idea about the product and create a craze among all target audience. This is what pre-launch marketing is all about.

Now, we will talk about the pre-launch campaign like media ads and advertisements on the front page of newspapers that occasionally advertise upcoming products and offers. These are mostly a little bit expensive and used by big companies.

For a startup that offers such capital-intensive campaigns, when the product launch is very likely to be out of reach. Therefore, a start-up should consider the cost-effective means to reach out to the audience. Here are some tips for marketing pre-launch at low budget.

  • Create a social media page for the app and start a pre-launch campaign on select social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Reach out to all existing and well-received clients with the idea of applying and follow their suggestions as well as advice.
  • Develop promotional campaigns like a free subscription for the premium version, some gift items, promotional coupons, etc.
  • Start blogging about the app and how it can add value to the user experience.
Social Marketing

For a small business or start-up, social media marketing is the first and the best option as it is free of cost and has enormous benefits. However, one must know how to properly use it to gain the benefits it offers. Following tips will help to get success in social presence:

  • First, get social presence to a minimum number of platforms that are more effective. Since as a startup is less likely to have a social marketing team, it is best to focus on a minimum number of platforms.
  • Choose social platforms according to the chances of getting attention from the target audience. Facebook and Twitter are invincible with a large presence of all types of public. Apart from that LinkedIn is good for B2B applications or business audiences. Pinterest and Instagram are good for visual content.
  • If you have a plan about social media content strategy never include too much in the text content, since users these days have a shorter attention span.
  • Focus on relevant topics and trends to get involved with the audience and attract their attention.

If you are ready to pay for an ad campaign, you can run paid campaigns on social networks by selecting a specific location, gender, age for quick attention.

Releasing The Power of Deep Linking

Deep linking is a strategy that helps to get indexed by Google. If the content of a website has the link to that specific application, users can get attention to the application page in the app store or in case they have already downloaded it, the corresponding page can be opened through the application. The main advantages of deep linking are:

  • Increased commitment and retention for existing customers.
  • Attract new users to the app and increase app downloads.
  • Helps to get link across multiple web pages and content so that is easy to increase reach. Finally, with relevant deep links, that webpage can get indexed by Google app indexing.
Focus on Organic Reach

At initial stage every app has less downloads, so opting for paid downloads is not a bad option. But paid downloads are not that much effective because it does not correspond to the actual user base. Therefore, marketing campaign helps to organic downloads through a number of marketing methods. Here are some of the steps should take by every app development company.

  • First, practice App Store optimization through a keyword-rich, short and direct description, high-quality app screenshots, a brief guide to the video guide and some credible testimonials and criticisms.
  • Publish short video content about the app on YouTube and other video channels.
  • Publish a valuable content about the application in all social networks, social bookmarking channels, and discussion forums.

All of these strategies can mean big profits for an app, and it is the user who does all the marketing for you! Implementing these simple marketing strategies can really grow app development and helps to achieve mobile success.

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