Role of mobile apps in tracking the school buses

school bus tracking apps

GPS tracking systems are very useful in daily life like tracking your orders, cabs. Parents are very happy about using tracking systems to their children’s school buses, now there is no tension for them when buses reach late to the location. The main agenda of adding tracking system in school buses is the safety of students and reducing parents’ tension. These mobile apps help not only in tracking but also track the daily activities of children. The school management team also tracks the child activities, also teacher and parents can communicate with each other through this app.

Benefits of school bus tracking apps are mentioned here:

  • Easy for parents to know the traveling details of children at any time, Instant updates about on and off of the school bus can also be availed.
  • The school management team is able to know the students’ location through radio frequency identification tags.
  • School authorities and parents are able to know whether the school bus is running at moderate speed or not. And the way of the driver driving the bus.
  • Able to observe how much time the driver spent on every location. If the driver spent more time than the allocated time both authorities and parents get notified about it.
  • Parents can easily come to know about the performance of their child in the school without contacting the teachers so that their time can also be saved.

For working parents, these parent app will be helpful to know about the performance of their child in school because they have a busy schedule and are not able to check directly with the teachers. Instead of allotting a third person, the app will better check their child daily performance in school.

The school bus monitoring system can help school authority for monitoring and managing school bus timings and can get the regular updates of students in the school bus by radio frequency identification tags. Compared to manual recording, these systems help to calculate the working hours and activity of each trip on the bus easily and quickly. And the main advantage for school authorities is Global Positioning System (GPS) is a cost-effective method.

In today’s world, several unexpected hazards are happening in school bus due to the carelessness of drivers and many reasons, so that this is the first priority for safety measures about the children.

Dubai people must be aware of this: Dubai launches a new app to keep children safe on the journey to school.

Yes, Dubai transport authority has launched a new smart app called DTC School Bus to enable Dubai parents to track their child’s school bus when they are going and coming from school. Notifications about the children board or land timings from buses between school and home will be sent via the GPS satellite system.

Safety of students is a part of plans to provide smarter and larger school transport service for this academic year 2018-2019.

Other interesting technologies added in Dubai School buses are these bus fleet include an engine switch off button and now that button is located at the rear end of the bus behind the seats. So that driver needs to walk up to the end of the bus to stop the engine, ensuring that no student is left behind on the bus before the doors are locked.

Dubai RTA’s Public Transport Agency is inspecting the school bus services and servicing operators to verify their compliance with rules, licensing of drivers and supervisors to practice the service.

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