The process of set-up Analytics tool for iOS Application

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered as one of the sought-after tools for iOS app analytics. With Google Analytics, you can track and measure information about how people find and use your app, in order to better understand user behaviour and create a dynamic analytics strategy to increase downloads, conversions and avoid uninstalls. Today each and every mobile app development company is using Google Analytics for its simplicity and hassle-free features.

In this guide, I will explain you how you should integrate Google Analytics into your app. But before that I will explain what and how you can measure using Google Analytics.

How to measure?

Below are the common and important features of Google Analytics that you have to well aware of.

google analytics

Screen tracking:

This feature gives you insights on which screens people visit more, how long they stay there and how they navigate between screens.

Mobile app development companies use this feature to analyse the UI/UX capabilities of the screen, so they can alter or fine-tune the screen according to user interest. User interest data is gathered on users’ behaviours with the screen, such as staying on the page for a long time or existing immediately after visiting the page.

Event tracking:

Event tracking feature gives you insights on the actions people take on each screen. The usual actions are as follows:

  • Menu selections
  • Button clicks
  • Video plays
  • Swipes or other gestures
  • Mobile ad clicks

What you can measure?

Google Analytics lets you measure the following metrics for your app:

  • Visitors
  • Revenue
  • Conversion
  • Revenue/customer
  • Average transactions
  • In-app purchases and transactions

How to set up Google Analytics?


Step 1: Set up or create a new Google Analytics account.

Click on the Admin tab and choose “Create new property”, where select “Mobile app”. Following it, choose “Google Analytics Services SDK”.

In the next step, fill out the app name, select the industry, and click on Get Tracking ID.

Step 2. Set up the tracking ID

Download Xcode

To download and use Xcode SDK effectively, you need a Mac computer with OS X 10.8 or later.

Download the Analytics SDK

You will also need to download Google Analytics SDK for iOS, which lets you measure and track data like active users, actions, goals, in-app purchases, crashes, etc.

Link your AdMob account to Google Analytics

Once downloading Xcode and Analytics SDK, you’ll need to link your AdMob account (if you have already created) to your Google Analytics account.

You can use AdMob account in any app marketplace to monetize your app.

Set up your tracking ID

Now you can set up your tracking ID by creating a new ID or linking to an existing account.

You can use Google Analytics to track the performance of your app on both iOS and Android platforms, which mobile app development companies Dubai usually do to avoid extra cost for analytics tools and to get all information in a centralized place.

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