Tips to secure your website from hackers

secure your website from hackers

Bringing the website live is same as unlocking the door of your office building. Most of the people who visit your building will never even know about your app development company data or any other company data by just walking in the building. Sometimes you may find someone malicious intention, who may steal your data that is why you lock office doors and keep safe.

Your company website is just same but electronic thieves are invisible and they do their work so fast like searching for your website for details of customers’ accounts, especially for their credit card information so that you have to protect your company website data.

If already your website data is stolen by hackers, you can’t undo that damage but you can take the protection measures for the future. Some basic protection measures which will protect your site because thieves are always looking to steal from people who unlocked their doors.

Always keep software up to date

You need to keep up to date with the technology and keep up to date your website with hacking threats. If you have basic knowledge of what may happen to your website from a hacker, then you can take the measures against it. Follow some hacker’s news and use the information you got for precautions when it is necessary.

Avoid the error messages

Avoid sending the error messages to your users to ensure they don’t leak information present on your site. Beware of information you provide in the error message and avoid mentioning the full exception details because hackers can make complex attacks like SQL injection far easier so Keep detailed errors in your server logs and provide only necessary information for the users.

Take care about website passwords

Keep on changing your website passwords and should use a complex password. Adding strong password to your server by website admin area protect users account’s data. Many users may not like to add password requirements such as a minimum of around eight characters, including an uppercase letter and number but it really helps to protect user’s data.

Make strong your network security

Employees of your company like mobile app development may provide an easy access route to your website servers. So beware about:

  • If you are inactive with your website login, then there may be chances of expiring login details may ease the hackers work to steal your data.
  • As I told in the above point, change your website password frequently and use a strong password.
  • Scan all devices which are connected into the network for protecting by malware every time.

Hide admin page

There is no necessary to show admin page of the website to your users, so don’t index admin page by the search engine then it will be hard for hackers to find information, therefore, use robots_txt to discourage search engine from indexing.

After taking all protecting measure, now it is time to test the website security. Test the website security in the most effective way by using some security tools like Netsparker, OpenVAS, Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework, Security Headers and more.

I hope you got knowledge on protecting measures of a website.

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