Top Growth Hacks to grow your Business

Growth Hacks

Starting a business is one huge step for anyone. Some people would pour just about everything they have accumulated all their life into their startup, only to find growing a business the usual way in its initial stage is a big mess. The conventional ways, like mobile app development, core focus on website etc., though bring up organic leads; they take time and demand nothing less than expertise. Just as some realize it is going to be a rough ride, they choose to give up on what they started. But did they really have to? We would say ‘Not’, because you can actually hack growth in your favour with ‘Growth Hacks’.

Simply put, growth hacks are no fixed tools, rather techniques that keep changing with time due to changing trends in business marketing and sales. When it comes to growth hacks, what works today, may not have worked yesterday or might not work tomorrow, because it is the customers that you sell to, and growth hacks do change according to the changing interests of people. The core motive of implementing growth hack techniques in your business is to gather leads, organic or inorganic, in lesser time compared to conventional approaches.

So here is a list of few must-try growth hacks you need to try to build a strong customer base for your business and get quick recognition:

Like Exchange Groups on Facebook

Explaining the role of social media in building a reputation in the market would be too naive. Assuming that you do have a little know-how of social media, you know what an important tool it is to get instant recognition, and if fate is in your favor, you could even go viral in no time. But then to get noticed on Facebook, having a legitimate number of followers on your page is important in order to introduce your business or business-related posts at a basic level. Also, once your page has enough number of followers, you can link your blog or website posts and pages, directly to your Facebook page. And to follow up with all this, you need to join Like Exchange groups on Facebook, which are basically just communities with a large number of followers ready to follow your page, and in return, they expect you to like their page. In order to get a huge number of likes, all you have to do is join these groups, and appeal for likes through a post. Don’t forget to mention your page address on Facebook. However, since this technique is purely based on the exchange of likes, most numbers of followers you gather from here are inorganic.

Lead Ads

This may not be a very quick way, but it does get the purpose served i.e boosting your business with organic leads. Organic leads are prospective customers that are likely to be converted into customers in the future. Using lead ads has eased up and quickened the process of lead data generation. Leads Ads are new types of advertisements featured by Facebook that automatically fill the lead generation form for a lead or a prospective customer, using their data available on Facebook, with their permission. One can also fill a Lead Ads form on a smartphone, made possible by courtesy of mobile app development companies, through Facebook app. Unlike conventional ads, Lead Ads are quicker and gather a way larger number of leads in relatively shorter time, as the need for manually filling the form is eliminated in case of Lead Ads. The data generated through Lead Ads is sent directly to the CRM system of your business’ Facebook page, from where it can be downloaded and utilized.

Forum Marketing

Think you have the required expertise, and your business can solve the core problems customers are talking about in the forum? Forum marketing is not a new thing, and it has been a long-standing growth hack technique in the digital space. Forums are a great place to engage directly with your customers. Find a suitable forum thread, engage in chats that correspond to your business, and show off your expertise in that particular space. Try to come up with a solution, nail your sales pitch right there, leave a link for your business website, and let customers come looking for you.

Guest Blogs

To build brand reputation and credibility across the internet, it is important to have quality content in your name or one that corresponds directly to your website. It is also called Backlinking, which is one of the SEO techniques that vouch for the authority you have in your niche and your grip on a particular topic. But then make sure you provide quality content in each and every article/write-up of yours that gets published on a guest website. Avoid plagiarism or content spinning in order to build authentic links preferred by Google for ranking your business. Also, write and send articles to only to guest websites that share the niche similar to what your business is based on. For example – if your business delivers artificial intelligence services, your guest website should be related to artificial intelligence or allied topics such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

Growth hack techniques are important to be implemented in the initial stage of your business to generate the much-required customer base. Once you gather the required minimum number of followers/customers for your business, from that point onwards, the growth of your business is like a chain reaction. In other words, a huge customer base attracts more customers. However, at a certain point; quality, what you deliver, and how you deliver comes into play, beyond which, the potential in your business is what matters.

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