Top Healthcare Apps that are changing Healthcare sector

Seemingly, we have advanced a lot from where we stood before digital technologies knocked at our doors.

However, what is the use is an advancement if it doesn’t directly benefit humankind?

That isn’t dedicated to serving the human aspects of us?

Nothing. Then the good thing about technology has always been that it does not choose and allows anyone with an idea to create a solution.

Turn Your App Idea_ Into Reality

That is why, today, we have the best healthcare mobile apps available on the palm of our hands right away, which are reducing complex medical challenges to smithereens with their all-inclusive interfaces.

And not only that, most of the medical apps for iPhone & Android/medical assistant apps/doctor applications now focus at shifting control to the user, as in medical cases, the power to initiate an action makes more sense in the user’s hands.

So that they can report a health issue or an emergency from their end, whenever they need to.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best Healthcare or mobile Health care applications or telehealth apps and even focus on empowering the users to seek the best medical & Healthcare services on their own.

Before we get into the list of top healthcare apps, let us look at the benefits of mobile apps for the Healthcare Industry.

Benefits of mobile applications for the healthcare industry

  • Facilitate instantaneous access
  • Knobs emergency cases efficiently
  • Excellent business opportunity
  • Value-added coordination
  • Data collection from wearables
  1. Doctor on Demand

1 Doctor on Demand

The title itself makes it quite easy for anyone to deduce what this app does; it gets you a doctor when you need one at fingertips.

But if you think that is the only thing it does, wait till you read more about it. What makes this app unique is that it schedules a session with the best doctors and certified physicians, right from the comforts of your home.

Doctor on Demand allows you to connect with doctors with 24×7 live video and live chat on your smartphone or tablet.

To schedule an appointment, you have to pay per session, which is quite affordable, looking at the convenience the app provides.

The app also covers health insurance, including corporate health insurance partners, and can be used by your family members as well.

This online doctors app giving a new direction to the health insurance businesses and delivers its services among the 50 states of the District of Columbia

Download Link: Android & IOS

  1. HealthTap

2 HealthTap

Download Link for Members: Android & IOS

Download Link for Doctors: Android & IOS

HealthTap is a healthcare/medications app for iPhone & Android and a website that allows you to take virtual appointments with the doctor, or else you can clarify your doubts.

It’s up to you and your needs. HealthTap works on simple formula so-called simple access to instant Healthcare from real doctors.

You can also take live consultations from your doctors, the same one you generally consult. When you are thinking of HealthTap cost, it is free of charge to download, and one more thing one new remember is it provides individual apps for users and Doctors.

But when you want exclusive virtual visits for online doctor consultation and prescription, it will cost you around $44 per visit.

You can also avail HealthTap Prime membership for $99/month, in this user can get access to online doctors 24/7 via call, text, in-app messages, and many more.

You can read the HealthTap reviews for a better understanding of the app.

  1. HelloMD

3 HelloMD

Download Link: IOS

HelloMD is another online doctor service/find a doctor app that provides top experts in a particular department but not on an immediate basis.

HelloMD connects you with the right certified surgeon or doctor. In this, you will get an appointment with a doctor within 24 hours, after which call can take place via video call.

HelloMD offers two different services; they are:

One is to connect with the right doctor, so you can arrange to see him or her in person for the next follow up.

The next things are to provide quick access to specialists for second opinions. And more it is a perfect option for the patients who are looking out for the second option.

  1. Wellthy Diabetes

4 Wellthy Diabetes

Download Link: Android & IOS

When it comes to controlling diabetes, nothing comes as close as Wellthy Diabetes does.

This home health care app acts as your coach for 24*7.

The thing about diabetes is that it troubles the patient mainly when not actively controlled. And the remedy to manage diabetes is proper food and exercise.

Wellthy brings a complete healthy routine for those with diabetes, and assists them throughout their day, making sure they stick to a healthy routine.

This best medical app readily integrates with your lifestyle with personalized coaching in a step-wise manner, learns about your diet, and optimizes your diet so that you don’t give up on sweet dishes completely.

The app also plans a weight loss schedule for you, but with a gradual and guided approach. Exemplifying what Healthcare shall be like, Wellthy offers the much-needed analytics for the patients so that they track progress in their health conditions.

The data stored in the analytics dashboard can also be collected and present to your doctor the next time you see them. However, here comes the best part: you don’t need to be wealthy to use Wellthy, as it is available for free on Play Store

  1. Livehealth online

5 Livehealth online

Download Link: Android & IOS

LiveHealth Online is another telemedicine service that allows you to see a doctor via video call, and you can get a prescription based on the virtual visit in states where it is permitted.

LiveHealth is a service that accepts some insurance plans, so you may be indebted to the same co-pay as if you went to the hospital.

When it comes to the consultation fee, it is flat $49 when you have no coverage if your plan doesn’t cover online visits.

LiveHealth online reviews

“Absolutely wonderful experience & the doctor was courteous & professional.”

  1. MD Live

6 MD Live

Download Link: IOS & Android

MD Live is the next best in the healthcare mobile app industry. MD Live is a cost-effective app that has continued to deliver secure and seamless consultation from doctors.

MD Live helps patients to get in touch with counselors, dermatologist, or psychiatrists doctors for discussion via a mobile application.

The mobile app treats over 50 non-emergency medical conditions. And it will charge $99 for counseling, urgent care visits for $75 or less depending on the insurance, and many more depending on your treatment.

  1. AmWell

7 AmWell

Download Link: Android & IOS

AmWell is a crucial player who can deliver the one-stop HIPAA compliant and secure online medical services.

This mobile app provides 24/7 healthcare support for therapy, urgent care, and other medical services at reasonable prices.

The app allows its patients to select suitable physicians based on their experience and availability.

AmWell can document all conversations of medical-care providers and patients and make it possible & easily accessible for both.

Price chart

Urgent care: $69 or less

Psychiatry visit: $200 for the first appointment

For follow up visit: $90

Online therapy: $95 or less

Nutrition counseling visits: $45 or less

It provides various benefits like visit anywhere and anytime, opens 24 hours, online prescriptions, and No appointments.

  1. Lemonaid Health

8 Lemonaid Health

Download Link: Android & IOS

Lemonaid Health is one of the most reliable mobile applications in the healthcare industry. The app offers healthcare assistance & support, sinus, addiction management, lab testing, and many more.

Using this app, a patient can easily & quickly schedule an online doctor appointment or visit based on the schedule or comfort.

The Lemonaid Health app provides a fixed reasonable cost for all services through the mobile app.

  1. Vida Health Coach

9 Vida Health Coach

Download Link: Android & IOS

Vida Health Coach is a mobile app that charges you $15/week for a personal health coach.

The coach’s area of expertise & certifications depends on what conditions you want to address, from weight loss to diabetes and stress.

The preventive care app will customize your app with different data points you can track like diet, weight, and many more.

Coaches can send additional informational resources & materials and will meet with you for a video conference or phone call once a week to know the progress.

It is a perfect app in the Healthcare sector by which it manages diseases & committing to lifestyle changes, which is very different from other apps.

  1. MyChart for Ballad Health

10 MyChart for Ballad Health

Download Link: Android & IOS

There are so many aspects to maintaining good health that a person shall be updated on. However, things get tricky when there is too much to keep, especially if you also have family members whose responsibilities lie on your shoulder.

We wish there were an app that managed all these aspects from a single dashboard, don’t we?

Well, it turns out there is an app that does all this: MyChart for Ballad Health helps you take care of all these aspects and more.

MyChart enables you to keep track of you and your family’s medical records and prescriptions; so that you can ask for resupply for medicines you were prescribed.

You can also collect test results and send queries regarding the test reports. If you are serious about regular health check-ups, this app could save you a lot of time by fixing doctor’s appointment, text your doctor for queries, and even pay your medical bills with it.

  • Final thoughts

The proliferation of mHealth apps has given the healthcare industry and us a new perspective on how healthcare services can be sought, delivered, and how it is transforming the healthcare industry.

Core medical health apps, coupled with fitness apps, have come up as a tremendous cumulative source of user-health data. Also, looking at the pace with which new ideas are taking shape in the healthcare sector, we can expect real-time intelligent services shortly.

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