Top Travel apps will make smooth traveling in Dubai

Everyone loves to travel with friends and families on holidays. It is one of life’s great joy, but the main headache is getting comfortable traveling services because you are going to unfamiliar surroundings. Now travel apps are reducing these headaches from booking a ticket to getting all services like health care, shopping, restaurant and more. These apps even help you as a guide.

One of the main attractive traveling places is Dubai, each one needs to visit this place once in a lifetime. Here I made the famous travel apps list to make your Dubai trip easier.

Most used travel apps for traveling in Dubai are:

RTA Dubai

RTA Dubai provides free services on an Android app and iOS app device to find bus and metro stations, which are near to you. It doesn’t provide only this service but also using this app, you can arrange a taxi, search for parking facilities for your vehicles, find the best shopping destinations.

Other main services provided by the RTA Dubai app are:

  • Check the balance on the metro card and add funds to the Nol metro card and Salik Card.
  • Helps for people who are having physical disabilities to find the RTA services providing to them.
  • Calculate charges for different transport systems and you can book a suitable one.

Dubai Tourism – Visit Dubai

This app is an official app of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Provides special service than any other app like giving detailed information to book a room in 7-star hotel for getting relaxed and provides a list of attracting places, restaurants, and information about events to attend like this many of which are not usual tourist places.

You can contact emergency services through the app. This app is available in many languages like Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, and Mandarin. Additional features included by an app development company are currency converter, maps, and guides to download for off-line use.

Uber UAE

Uber is a famous app for booking a taxi, which connects passengers with drivers. This app provides a further service like arranging a helicopter tour of the city by selecting an option in the app called UberChopper for a 15-minute tour in the helicopter.

Dubai Airports

It is an official Dubai Airports passenger app, you can get complete information on all pending and upcoming flights through both Dubai International and Al Maktoum Airports.  Further services are flight status tracking, checking world class restaurants, boarding passes, gate numbers and you get the notice about any delay in arriving flights.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai is the best place for those who have a craze in shopping. If you also want to shop in Dubai, This Dubai mall will helps you. The mall itself is the largest mall in the world and to get navigation within the mall is a big task. This app guides you the route for every shop you want to visit with the help of 3D map to ease your shopping experience in Dubai mall. GPS feature will help you to find your car in the big parking lot.

Apart from the above apps, many other famous apps are there like Dubai Metro: provides services in offline to find routes, stations, destination, and travel duration between metro stations. Dubai Maps and Walks: It helps new visitors in Dubai by providing a list of self-guided walking tours that will map for cultural landmarks, shopping options, and art displays.

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