Trends that will boost the Future of mobile app development

Smartphone Manufacturing is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Currently, there are 2.6 billion smartphone users, and the number is expected to increase to 6.1 billion by 2020. Global downloads across all mobile app stores are determined to increment 19% every year. As the app economy keeps on increasing exponentially, the number of app downloads is anticipated to grow from 57.33 billion to 253.91 billion.

Eventually, a successful mobile strategy includes something more than a mobile-friendly website. Mobile application development is driven by the improvement in technology, which expects organizations to have a vision for the next few years. The following are the technologies which will boost the future of mobile app development.

Instant Apps

With instant apps technology, you can utilize applications without installing them on your device. From a business point of view, this serves as the greatest advantage. Even for a great app that has been developed by top mobile app development companies, getting a user to try their app for the very first time is extremely tough. But, with this technology, the company would simply give them a link, thus a part of the app that is essential can be accessed. By adapting to instant apps, there may be an immense shift in the way people have been doing business through applications. In future, deploying the existing applications to the new features could play a major role, and opens up more opportunities for the business.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile page (AMP) is a project from Google and Twitter designed to load and open mobile web pages really quick. AMP is an HTML page intended to be super lightweight and generally facilitates extremely fast loading. So the idea is that the entire platform is designed only for pure speed and readability. Other than this, Google has announced that it will give a unique search index for the mobile web. From an SEO perspective, this progression changes all mobile app development follow-up techniques.

AMP will help publishers and web designers to make mobile friendly and mobile optimized web pages which load instantly. Also, the visibility of their promotional ads will increase and make a boom in the number of visitors.

Mobile DevOps

DevOps approach enhances software development by concentrating on collaboration between different partners and project members, for example, product managers, developers, and the operational staff while aligning projects with an enterprise’s business objective. With more number of organizations adopting a DevOps approach, it can become difficult to continue growing with the conventional business model.

Mobile DevOps for automated integration, testing, and delivery, climbed app development projects can be streamlined. And in this process, mobile DevOps tools can play a vital role. These tools are accessible with individual functionality, and there are coordinated solutions that can offer a centralized perspective on DevOps practices. With this, DevOps is included as a strategic approach to app development.


The chatbot understands the intent of the users. Chatbots will customize everything to suit users’ taste. One can even integrate their chatbot with other applications easily. With an intelligent chatbot, additional functionality can be added to mobile apps. Chatbots are unquestionably adding quality to the mobile app, particularly with the intelligence support it picks up from AI. If you want to boost your mobile app and increase quality engagement, the time has come to think smart and unique. Adding chatbots to mobile apps will give its authoritative option, and will enable to expand conversions.

It has always been important to deliver best app UX and design for Android, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The skills required in building customer applications are in more demand than at any other time now the convincing business to consider mobility important. Business should watch out for these technologies to adjust their mobile app development strategies.

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