Why a Logo is a must for your Business

logo designBefore we dive into the topic, let me ask you something: how many of you would prefer a big ‘McDonalds’ written on top of a building or a simple ‘BMW’ in place of that dominatingly expressive Blue White symbol? None of you is what I can say for sure. And the confidence with which I say that comes from the fact that the concept of visual communication was coined only because humans have a certain liking towards things that hold exclusivity. And there could simply be nothing that is more exclusive to a brand than its logo. If you are going to have an online business with a mobile app, the best mobile app development companies would certainly recommend getting a logo designed. So let’s take a deeper dive and understand why your decision to get a logo for your business could be a game changer for you.


We, humans, are intelligent beings and have devised different means of communication since we gained a conscience. We have always had abilities to communicate not just in written and audible ways, we have also developed an awareness towards visual means of communication which, in the present century, has a much wider term to be described with i.e Visual Communication. Visual communication (VC) has a great role in marketing and one of the design elements in which VC is being used effectively by designers to establish a distinct identity for a brand is getting a logo for it. A logo communicates on a different level with the customers and builds a sense of familiarity with the brand, no matter where they find the logo.


Exclusivity is any business is very important if, for obvious reasons, you are planning to maintain a distinguish identity among your competitors. Noticeably, the logo has been around us for thousands of years in the form of sigils and emblems, which were used to clearly distinguish a kingdom from another. But let us not stray away from the subject and focus on how logos bring exclusivity to your brands. Well, with a logo, you can simply embed a message or idea that is exclusive to your business and make it expressive with the kind of design you think that suits it. Even when we are talking about promoting a business through mobile app development techniques, the logo is an indispensable part of the process. With simple text, unless it is a wordmark logo, what it expresses is not exclusive, and hence, not effective.


It is very important for you to devise something that helps consumers to understand your brand at a glance. And nothing could be better at being expressive than a brand’s logo. But then, I would not recommend a logo too complex to understand or with a very deep meaning, if you have a small business because you need to get more users and customers to relate their needs to your business and try your product/service. And in order to do that, your logo should be simple, but shall reflect the idea of your business at the same time. Many companies revamp their logos when they expand or introduce a change in operations, so you can do the same as your business progresses.


Assuming that you will branch your business into different ventures, how do you plan to help your customers identify your brand, irrespective of the sector you foray into? Let’s try to understand this with an example of Mitsubishi Group. Mitsubishi started out as a finance player, and today is well into different sectors such as Automotive, Chemical, Power and more. So how did it manage to maintain a uniform identity even in different sectors? By using the same three rhombus-shaped diamonds logo in all its industry formats. No matter which industry we talk about, its logo represents consistency and authority in all formats. In a similar way, your business can also use a logo on your different products and service interfaces to represent uniform authority and genuineness.

Customer Loyalty

As a matter of fact, a logo promotes brand loyalty among customers. Customers are always, subconsciously looking for the brands they are loyal to, and a logo is an instant representation of your brand. Ever wonder why you suddenly go happily when you see that McD logo from far away? Yes, that’s the power of a logo. Loyal customers are accustomed to seeing their favorite brand logos, and getting one designed for your business, would help you catch the attention of your existing, loyal and even find new customers.

Return on Investments (ROI)

Your logo will promote customer loyalty, which means it helps you retain customers and give you the opportunity to sell again and again to loyal customers, amplifying trust each time. Apart from that, you can generate new leads and prospective customers by projecting an impressive image of your brand that intrigues masses to know more about your brand. Consequently, you could be generating a lot of revenue compared to what you spend on a one-time investment for logo design.

As important a logo can be in building a positive image for a brand, if designed unprofessionally, it can bring an equally negative impact on your business. So it would always be advised that you go for an authentic and legitimate designer to build a logo for your business. To keep things even simpler, you can opt for an app development company that offers logo design as a part of the complete app development process.

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