Blockchain development trends to watch in 2019


Blockchain technology does not require an introduction, with every passing day organizations and enterprises are trying to use its capability to offer reliable solutions. Blockchain made a lot of features last year. We have seen stories on everything from cost unpredictability surrounding cryptocurrencies to expand adoption of Blockchain technology by some of the world’s biggest enterprises.  The Blockchain is still at the beginning of its journey and could offer a great deal to the market, its evolution over the past few years is just stunning.

What does Blockchain offer in the prompt future? Here are the 6 Blockchain trends to see moving forward in 2019:

Integration of blockchain and IoT

The number of devices connected to the Internet will reach more than 26 bln in 2019, as per Statista. According to the data obtained in the course of the study of the Gemalto cybersecurity company that only 48% of companies can determine if their devices have security breaks. This reality prompted the security-related action in the earlier year when the organizations have significantly expanded their cybersecurity costs. The use-cases of the Blockchain involvement doubled. It is conceivable that we would watch much increasingly great numbers before the end of 2019.

“Blockchain’s decentralized systems can enable organizations to overcome these challenges by providing a secure system for communication between devices and enhance data security across IoT and 5G networks,” Ghosh said.

Blockchain will help prevent unauthorized access

Blockchain technology is changing the way data is shared and the value is transformed. How to protect both cryptographic keys that allow access to the Blockchain application and ledger remains a top concern for any company interested in using Blockchain to transact anything of significant value. Companies are progressively searching for a trusted ecosystem that both authorizes and authenticates to manage data stream. More and more Blockchain development companies in Dubai, UAE are increasing due to the huge demand in the era of secure business. Blockchain will be used to build this encrypted ecosystem more frequently this year.

The arrival of security Tokens

The recognition of the IPO world combined with the benefits of Blockchain is an offering that promises to redefine the IPO business. However, it is as yet a guarantee, as the market infrastructure for posting and asset tokens and trading security is still underway. But the change is coming, with 2018 seeing major crypto trades applying for financier licenses in planning. With the market still early- we hope to see the opening of trades with security token trading functionalities in 2019.

The success of security tokens is dependent upon digital asset exchanges being going. Close by crypto exchanges like Binance, Lykke and Coinbase looking for regulatory leeway for security tokens, we also observe traditional players like London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and the Swiss Stock Exchange creating digital asset platforms, signs indicating that market infrastructure will be set up by the second half of 2019.

Blockchain adoption will spike across sectors

Blockchain technology is already being used in major industries like Banking and payment, healthcare, Real Estate, adoption of the technology will begin making its way into new sectors such as Retail, Government, and energy.

The huge extended range of industries applies Blockchain Technology for its smooth running. Hence, every business person is looking forward to choosing the best Blockchain development company to attempt the technology to use for the business performance.

We at FuGenX Technologies, one of the leading Blockchain app Development Company in Dubai provide outstanding solutions for Blockchain applications.

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